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Floramatique and other life-like specialty silk wedding flowers

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Not for individual sale. Provided for customer reference to color options for Bridal flower designs.

Real Touch silk flowers are fresh flower alternatives that are manufactured to closely resemble fresh flowers. They are not fabric flowers. Materials used in the construction of these types of flowers include and are not limited to: natural latex, rubber, polyfoam and latex coated fabrics/silks.


Latex coated, Oriental / Tiger / Asian Lilies

Other colors can be sought upon request.

Size reference
Color: Orange
Color: Papaya




Color: Lt Yellow

Color: Yellow
Color: Golden Yellow




Color: Pink/white or Rubrum

Color: White. Also in Ivory
Color: Fuchsia



Real Touch Polyfoam, Stargazer / Casablanca Lilies - 8 to 9 inch flower head

Color: Hot Pink/white / Rubrum

Color: Coral
Color: White
Color: Lt Pink/white



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